Family Event – Prairie Dog Central Train ride on Sunday – July 12, 2015

We have secured a group of seats on the Prairie Dog Central Train ride themed ‘Great Train Robbery – Cowboys ‘n Gals on Sunday, July 12, 2015’.  Last summer, the families that participated in the Prairie Dog Central ‘Family Event’ had a great time!  If you would like to join the group, please Contact Us and ask for the HOLD number that the Prairie Dog Central ticketing department has issued for our group.  To use the HOLD number you will have to purchase your tickets from Prairie Dog Central ticketing over the phone (204) 832-5259, (not online).  Tickets are offered at a reduced rate iPrairie-Dog-4f four or more are purchased together.  For more details visit

The train departs at 11:00am from Inkster Junction Station. For more information see the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Please note:  All families are responsible for purchasing their own tickets directly from the Prairie Dog Central Railway.  The number of seats on hold for our group is limited.