Injury Alert: Canadian Tire Booster Seat Recall

Injury Alert: Canadian Tire Booster Seat Recall

Canadian Tire has recalled over 87,000 booster seats that do not comply with Transport Canada’s specifications.  Neither the Apramo nor the Kukuxumusu branded booster seats meet the stiffness requirements of the Motor Vehicle Restraint Systems and Booster Seats Safety Regulations. As well, the Kukuxumusu branded booster seats do not conform to flammability requirements.

Transport Canada’s compliance testing program revealed these concerns and notified the company. These booster seats do not meet the stiffness requirement, putting the child at increased risk of injury in a collision. As well, in a vehicle fire, the fabric covers of the Kukuxumusu booster seats may not self-extinguish or may burn too quickly, accelerating the spread of the fire.

These seats had low retail prices (regular price $25, often on sale for $15) so many of them were sold.  Canadian Tire and Transport Canada have issued a consumer recall for the models shown below.  These products have been removed from store shelves. Canadian Tire will contact known customers and will post signs in stores alerting consumers of the recall. They will be issuing refunds to all consumers that return affected models.


FYI – The Canadian government posts safety and recall alerts on the Health Canadians website.