Is your group only for stay at-home dads? – No, our group is for all dads!  Parenting can be a very challenging responsibility.  We strive to provide a social hub for all dads.  The majority of dads in our group who work part-time or full-time.  ‘Soon to be’ dads are encouraged to join our group as it is very likely they will find group membership beneficial.

What cities or area do you serve?– Winnipeg and surrounding areas

How many active members do you have?- Over 60 members and counting.

How long have you been a group?– Since December of 2013

Who are the organizers and founders of your group?– Jason Driedger, Kevin Barske

Is there a membership fee?  What’s the catch? – There are no membership fees.  Expenses such as hosting this website, posters and business cards are privately funded by the primary organizers of the group.

What was your most successful event? – In July 2015 there were over 42 people that participated in the Prairie Dog Central train ride.  At ‘Dads Night Out’ we had 9 dads attend including a few that were brand new to the group.  In spring 2015, we had a ‘Family Event’ during which 11 families, including 14 children toured a Winnipeg Fire Hall.  Our regular Monday morning playgroup regularly attracts close to half a dozen dads on a weekly basis.

How many events do you organize per month to keep members interested and active? – We are in the early stages of slowly growing the group.  Weekly play groups are held at a regular time and place plus we try for a Dads Night Out event once a month.  Family events are also held randomly throughout the year.

Family schedules can be very full and hectic.  Even though many of our members do not attend events regularly, we hope that they find our website helpful and informative while helping to spread the word about our group to other dads.

Do you offer play group meet ups? How many times a week do you have play group? – Yes and generally once a week (Monday mornings at Kids Spot and outdoors at various locations in summer).

How did you get the word out about your group to your community? – Social media, business cards, local media, and good old face to face introductions and word of mouth.

Do you offer Dad’s Night Out Events?  Where do you go? We do and it varies. We usually try to check out different locations where we can easily chat while having fun.

What is the age range of the children in your group? – Many members have children who are infants to six years of age or older.  This is representative of the ages in the play groups and activities that we participate in.  However, we welcome parents with children of all ages!

Do you meet in a common place in your community or at members’ homes? – We meet up in public places but, it is not uncommon for dads to arrange play dates with other families in various places.

What do you hope to achieve by starting this group? – Caring for young children is a challenging (but very rewarding and fun) job!  We hope to provide a resource that allows dads to connect with each other.  We have been successful in helping dads and families who were new to Winnipeg to meet other families.

Are there other Dads Groups out there?
Yes, in fact there is National At-home Dads Network based in the United States.  There membership base is so large that they have held an annual National Convention for almost 20 years!  City Dads Group is another organization that consists of various groups in larger cities in the Unites States.

I am a mother and primary planner of family activities.  Can you add me to your e-mail distribution list so I can be made aware of group events that we may like to participate in? – Absolutely!  Please submit your information via the Contact Us page.